Snow Bound *Fiction*

Snow Bound *Fiction*

31st December 2020 0 By CrazyGecko

Snow Bound *fiction* is a rebuilt scenario I made awhile ago but now rebuilt and extended. With the single lines to Great Yarmouth blocked after recent snow you will take charge of two Colas Class 37’s with ZZA snow ploughs at each end. Starting at Norwich your task is clear the single lines via Acle, swap cabs at Great Yarmouth and return via Berney Arms to Norwich. Visibility is restricted and wheelslip will be a frequent issue but since this scenario is fictitious feel free to set up the GSM-R as wish or simply ignore it.

This scenario goes into the Wherry Lines folder: 3a99321a-0bb2-47be-bcad-b20cfe48a945

*I used the Wherry Lines bought from Steam so I’m not sure if it will work on the version bought directly from Armstrong Powerhouse*


Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 37 Locomotive Pack Vol.2
Class 90/MK3DVT Pack
Weather & Sky Enhancement Pack

DTG West Coast Mainline North
DTG Wherry Lines
European Loco & Asset Pack

Just Trains
ZZA snow plough

Duration is about 130min.

Feel free to let me if there’s issues so I can fix them.