Serco & Abellio Northern Rail Pacer for DTG’s New Pacer

Serco & Abellio Northern Rail Pacer for DTG’s New Pacer

1st May 2020 2 By EWhiteside

Recently, DTG have released a BR Class 142 for Train Simulator 20xx. The new addon features a very high quality model with amazing textures and detail, however comes with poor quality sounds and only BR Era Liveries.

Back in 2012, Armstrong Powerhouse collaborated with Waggonz to create a Class 142 pacer for Train Simulator 2013. This featured authentic sounds and high quality visuals. However, 8 years later, the addon’s quality does not compare with DTG’s high quality new pacer of today; due to advancements in texture resolution, game feature improvements and 3D modelling capacity.

This series of addons will bring modern a modern liveries and authentic details to DTG’s BR Era Pacer, whilst utilising Armstrong Powerhouse’s sounds from their old pacer. Armstrong Powerhouse’s sounds are far superior to DTG’s, however DTG have now provided us with an amazing framework for a better pacer going forward. High quality repaints with new details and features can now be released for this addon, whilst ensuring the the immersion factor within the Simulator is at its highest potential for this iconic workhorse of a train.

Enjoy 4K Repaints and authentic sounds with this Serco & Abellio Northern Rail pack for DTG’s Class 142 Pacer.

Northern Rail painted their entire fleet into their purple, blue and white ‘swooping livery’. Applied to the Side of the livery was the company logo and URL of Northern Rail’s Website. This was the last full livery for the pacer, giving them a fresh new look on top of their existing liveries when the fleet was inherited from Arriva Trains Northern (Northern Spirit) & First North Western. The pacers carried Northern Rail branding until 2016, when it was removed and not replaced by Northern Railway (Arriva Rail North)

Look out for future liveries for The New Pacer in this series, and don’t forget to leave any comments, suggestions or feedback below!

Installation Guidelines:

a) Acquire the prerequisites:
– Armstrong Powerhouse Class 142 Pacer (For Sounds):
– DTG Class 142 Pacer:

b) After installing the prerequisites successfully; locate the ‘NorthernRail-DTG142-NR-Branded’ download and move its content into your RailWorks Directory (Usually located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\RailWorks\). Overwrite any files if asked.

c) Navigate to your RailWorks folder (Where you’ve just imported these files to) and run ‘Install NorthernRail DTGPacer (With Logos)(V1.0).bat’

d) When it is completed, close the application.

e) Run ‘Verify.bat’ (Located within the same directory). This tool verifies your installation. A Green Screen will indicate a successful install, whereas a Red screen indicates and unsuccessful install. It will provide you with steps as to how manual installation can be achieved.

f) Launch TS2020 And Look for the ‘Northern Rail Serco & Abellio Branding’ Consists under ‘Class 142 Pacer’ (Not ‘Class 142’! This is AP’s old pacer) in quick drive! I recommend using this pack on the following routes:

– PenninePacer’s Huddersfield to Manchester Victoria:
– M_Mortimer’s Leeds Lines Phase 2
– JustTrains Newcastle to Edinburgh
– DPS East Coast Modern

Future Updates:
-Fixed Destination Blind
-Additional Northern Posters inside the train.