SP: 1F70 10:05 Salisbury – Portsmouth Harbour

SP: 1F70 10:05 Salisbury – Portsmouth Harbour

28th March 2021 4 By Sami Pitfield

In the BR/NSE days a service to and from Salisbury to Portsmouth Harbour was quite a regular service. Take control of 205 009 and finish off one of these runs in the autumn of 1987.

This scenario is 25 minutes long with a medium difficulty.



Class 423 EMU
Portsmouth Direct Line Route Addon
Class 33
Class 460 EMU (Needed for class 73)
European Loco & Asset Pack
WCML Over Shap (for static consists only)


Class 411/412 EMU
Class 50 Loco
Class 205 DMU
Class 33 SP
Mk1 Coach Pack Vol.1
Mk2 b-c Pack
Class 421/422/423 SP


Vulcan Productions Class 73 Reskin Pack


To install extract the ‘Contents’ folder from the .zip file. Then drag and drop it into your RailWorks directory.

Some headcodes in this scenario may be a bit off as I could not get a hold of any info on them, I will look into this and hopefully improve on this at some point, any help would be greatly appreciated.

As always if I have missed something or something is wrong, please let me know in the comments section, Enjoy!