sa_pi1: 1F20 13:23 Portsmouth Harbour – Cardiff Central PART 1

sa_pi1: 1F20 13:23 Portsmouth Harbour – Cardiff Central PART 1

1st April 2021 0 By Sami Pitfield

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Take 155 319 from Portsmouth Harbour to Cardiff Central in part 1 of this scenario. You will be going as far as Cosham in this scenario on a summers day in 1990 before catching up with the service later on in the day nearer the end of its run to Cardiff.

Part 2 of this scenario will come out when I get round to getting South Wales Coastal, I have tried on South West Expressways by JT but it just hasn’t work out due to hoe the route is made from Bristol – Cardiff. Other scenarios will come out between this scenario and part 2.

This scenario is easy difficulty and is 20 minutes long.


To install the scenario extract the ‘Content’ folder to a place of your choice, and then drag it into your RailWorks directory.



DTG Portsmouth Direct Line Route: London Waterloo – Portsmouth Harbour
Class 423 4VEP EMU Addon
Class 442 ‘Gatwick Express’ EMU Addon
Class 460 ‘Juniper’ EMU Addon (For Class 73)
WCML Over Shap (For static consists)


Class 50 Loco Addon
Class 411/412 EMU Addon
Mk2 b-c Coach Pack
Class 442 SP (Not Needed)
Class 153 SP
Class 421/422/423 SP


Class 153 DMU Addon


Vulcan Productions Class 73 Reskin Pack
MJW Class 155 DMU Reskin/Addon

Hope you enjoy the scenario, any feedback is greatly appreciated!