sa_pi1: 1F20 13:23 Portsmouth Harbour – Cardiff Cental PART 2

sa_pi1: 1F20 13:23 Portsmouth Harbour – Cardiff Cental PART 2

5th April 2021 0 By Sami Pitfield

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On the second part of its journey, take 155 319 from Bristol Temple Meads along the South Wales Mainline into Cardiff Central, During the run you’ll see a good example of daily action in South Wales in the 90s on the railway.

This scenario is around 65 minutes long with an easy difficulty.


To install extract the ‘content’ folder from the .zip file to a place of your choice then drag it to your RailWorks directory.



South Wales Mainline (Bristol – Swansea Unbranded)
Class 33 Loco
Class 31 Loco
Class 56 Loco
Class 08 Loco (For Provided Wagons)
Class 159 Network Southeast DMU
European Loco & Asset Pack
West Coast Mainline Over Shap (static consists)


Mk1 Coach Pack
HST Valenta EP
Class 158 Perkins EP
Class 56 EP
Class 31 EP
Class 37 Loco Pack 1 & 2
Class 150/2 DMU
Class 142 DMU
Class 47 SP
Class 153 SP
Class 60 SP
JHA Wagon Pack
JPA Wagon Pack
FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
MGR Wagon Pack
TDA Wagon Pack
4 Wheel Wagon SP

YGH Ballast Wagon Pack
Class 60 Loco


MJW HST Improvement Pack
MJW Class 158/159 Plough Pack
MJW Class 153 Improvement Pack
MJW Class 155 Pack
Clowes MEA Coal Sector Livery (ATS)
Vulcan Productions Class 56 Patch

If you come across any kind of problem with the scenario please let me know in the comments as I check them frequently.

Thanks for downloading! : )