[RR] 1Y32 20:39 Oban – Glasgow Queen Street (2015)

[RR] 1Y32 20:39 Oban – Glasgow Queen Street (2015)

29th July 2021 0 By roadierunway12

This is the first scenario I’ve made available for download (excluding the terrible ones I uploaded to the Steam workshop six years ago that I’d rather not think about). I’d love to hear any feedback.

The sun has set on Clydeside. The final passengers of the day are making their way home, and trains are gradually returning to the depot. You’re on the late shift tonight – your task is to drive the final leg of Oban-originating 1Y32 from Helensburgh Upper to Glasgow Queen Street, calling at Dumbarton Central and Dalmuir.

This scenario is set in summer 2015, not long after Abellio’s takeover of the ScotRail franchise, and uses the correct timings and headcodes of services from that period according to the May-December 2015 working timetable. I have also ensured that all stock in this scenario has the correct livery/branding for the time period, including the player train.

You’ll find the scenario under the Suburban Glasgow Northwest section of Standard scenarios, with the title ‘[RR] 1Y32 20:39 Oban to Glasgow Queen Street’.

Note: you’ll arrive into Queen Street a few minutes early, as 1Y32 usually does in real life due to the lack of traffic late at night, so you’ll have to wait for a couple of trains to pass before you get the path into the platform.


Scenario Date: 04/06/15
Stock Used: 156453
Duration: 45 minutes
Time of day: 22:47
Difficulty: Easy

To install this scenario, extract the ‘Content’ folder from the .zip file and place it into your Railworks directory.


Suburban Glasgow Northwest

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 156 Pack
Class 320/321/322 Pack
Class 170 EP (requires DTG Class 170)
Class 158 Cummins EP (requires DTG NSE Class 159)
Sky & Weather EP [not essential but recommended]
Track EP [not essential but recommended]

Alan Thomson Sim:
Class 320/321/322 ScotRail Destinations [not essential but recommended]
Class 158 & 170 ScotRail Destination Pack V2.2
Class 156 TrainFX Update V2 [not essential but recommended]

Vulcan Productions/Ash992478:
Abellio ScotRail Class 170 V6
Class 158 ScotRail Branding Patch

UK Train Sim:
Abellio ScotRail Class 320

Major Wales Design:
Class 158 Plawwie Patch

Alistair Cowell (available from UKTS or suburban-glasgow.co.uk):
Refurbished Class 318 Reskin Pack (requires DTG Class 455/8)
Class 334 Reskin Pack (requires DTG GEML)

If there are any issues, let me know below and I’ll sort them out as soon as I can.