(RP) Just a bit of fun

(RP) Just a bit of fun

19th April 2021 2 By Robin Price

Route Required
The East Coast Mainline Merge. From Alan Thomson site under Routes

Class 08

Track Covered
London King’s Cross-Edinburgh Waverley


Requirements Needed

Class 08 (All Packs)
Class 67 (For Mk 3 Sleepers)

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 67
Weather Pack
Track Enhancement Pack
Mk2 Pack 01

Major Wales Design
Class 08 Revamp Pack

I think that’s it.

So before i start. A disclaimer First. This scenario was made for some fun and not to be taken seriously. You do not have to complete it or anything. This is just purely Lockdown boredom, Couldn’t decide what to do next, And i came up with this. There are three ends to this scenario.
1, You make it
2, You get bored
3, You run out of fuel.

Don’t worry about any of them, This scenario is about how far you can go before one of them 3 set in. lol.

So. All you have to do. Is drive a Class 08 from King’s Cross to Edinburgh with 8 coaches in tow.

Feel free to leave any comments, and please remember. THIS IS ONLY FOR FUN. Thank you for downloading in advance. Enjoy