Royal Forest of Steam Gala 2019

Royal Forest of Steam Gala 2019

22nd August 2020 1 By stephen bell

In June 2019, the Dean Forest Railway organised the regular Royal Forest of Steam Gala.2019 Would see resident 5541 and WD152 Rennes running alongside Pontypool and Blaenavon Railway Hunslet 48150 No.18 Jessie and Large Prairie 5199 from the Llangollen Railway.In this scenario pack you will drive all 4 locos on different types of trains, ranging from passenger trains to freight trains, and even a driver experience.

You will need the following:
GWR Small Priarie
GWR Large Priarie
Return To Maerdy
Riviera Line in the Fifties
BR Blue Pack 2
BR Class 31 (BR Green and Railfreight Sector one)
BR Class 14
BR Class 117
Weardale & Teesdale Network
East Midlands Coal
Marketplace VCA 45t GLW 2 axle vans Wagon Pack
LMS P3 Coaches Pack 04 Add-On

Steam Sounds Supreme
Hunslet Fitzwilliam 0-6-0ST Pack
Departmental Wagon Pack
Departmental Hoppers Pack
Great Central Demonstration Freight Pack
Salmon Bogie Flats Wagon Pack
West Somerset Wagon Pack

Digital Traction
SR Queen Mary Brake van
Sim Nation GWR Shunters Truck(no longer available)

Armstrong Powerhouse
Mk1 Coach Pack V1
MK2 A-C Coach Pack
Class 31 Enhancement Pack

Golden Goldsmith Scenarios
GWR based Inspection Saloon repaint.

Vulcan Productions
VP BR Churnet Valley Railway GUV Pack

UKTrain sim
UKTS 39253 Dean Forest Railway

Bossman Games
AP Mk 1 Coach Pack Vacuum Brake Patch

Donington Reskins
WD Olive Green & NCB Graig Merthyr Locomotive’s
Longmoor Military Railway Waggoner
Colliery Engine repaint