Railways of East Anglia

Railways of East Anglia

5th January 2020 15 By SnowManiac

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The route upgrade includes:
– Complete overhaul of OHLE around Norwich.
– Replaced track to Breckland Line track.
– Replaced embankment lofts with something to suit the track.
– Applied VP Grass in a realistic stance (made sure not to hide any trackside clutter).
Please note you will need a moderately decent machine to play this route. Performance wise I haven’t seen much fps loss if any at all except around the Norwich area if there is AI stock present (due to VP grass and OHLE upgrade) however its perfectly still playable (above 35fps on my machine in the Norwich area). However as its a significant upgrade I’ve set it as a separate route instead of overwriting the default AP one just to be safe. This means you may have to copy scenarios over from the Wherry Lines content folder or even better make your own :). Future versions will entail:
– Revamping Norwich Depot with 3D models.
– Merging Breckland Line once that’s finished up to Cambridge.
– Start working on the lines to Sheringham and Cromer.
– Replacing trees to more realistic trees (probably the new VP tree pack that came out)
Route Requirements:
AP Wherry Lines (Steam Version), WCML Trent Valley, Geuterbahnof’s Breckland Line (https://gueterbahnhof.weebly.com/routes.html), VP Grass Pack
(https://www.vulcanproductions.co.uk/assets.html) and the ATS OHLE Pack found on this website.

WARNING : Winter does not function correctly on this route due to the tracks having no winter textures. I’ve been notified this will be patched in due time.

HUGE THANKS to geuterbahnhof for allowing me to use his tracks. They drastically changed the appearance of this route.