(PJ ) 1D 22 ( modern) 1633 London Kings Cross to Leeds

(PJ ) 1D 22 ( modern) 1633 London Kings Cross to Leeds

17th July 2021 0 By Pejay Hill

This is a recreation of Leanders great sceanrio, using the timetable of 6th July 2021.
So why recreate a scenario that already exists?
Leander made a great job of his scenario set in 2011.
A lot has happened in ten years, that is one good reason. I wanted to make a kind of historical visual record of those changes. How rolling stock has changed, how route advances and franchise changes have affected timetables and more importantly, how the Covid-19 outbreak has affected timetables and the way we travel.

To get the most out of this scenario you will need the following requirements;

The AT London…Leeds …York merge route and all of the dependencies.

The class 700…701 and the AT class 700/701 superalbs reskin pack.
The Class 800…801….and the AT ‘ Azuma’ reskin
The Class 180….and the AT Class 180 update
The Class AT Class DR 73106
The Class 450 ( Brighton mainline)…Class 350 DPS.. TPE reskin.
Class 350 Northern reskin from BH reskin

The Class 170 ….and AP Class 170 pack… AT EX WMT reskin .. BH Class 170 Nothern reskin.

The UK waggon pack
Just trains waggon pack.
AP JNA waggon pack

The scenario can be installed using the RW utilities package manager.

I hope you will enjoy this scenario and find it equal;ly as enjoyable as Leander’s.