Paddington to Paignton, set in 2018/19 by Martin Masterson V1.1

Paddington to Paignton, set in 2018/19 by Martin Masterson V1.1

2nd September 2021 25 By martinrm54

This route combines my Reading to Pewsey extension of the JT South Western Expressways with OHLE, that in turn was merged into HSTs Railways of Devon and Cornwall to make Berks and Hants to Bristol and Penzance (BHBP) and Western Mainlines (WML) Electrification Project to make a full run from Paddington down to Paignton, Totnes, Exmouth and more!

WML was not built using Google Maps and is not set correctly unlike the rest of the routes used. The merge did correct this at Reading but Paddington is still out of line with GPS map data. WML at Reading was a lot lower at the merge point so has been rebuilt with a 1 in 200 gradient coming into Reading to correct this and hopefully you won’t notice

V1.1 October 2021 Changes :-
On the section Reading to Paddington, corrected numerous signal faults that could need the player train to tab to pass
Added signal cages to gantry signals, included TFL re-skinned benched that are now unavailable on the WML OHLE route plus various scenery improvements

When changing to this new version you must re run the included batch file as per the instructions to see the new TFL benches or add them if they were missing
Go into your Assets folder and run the batch file ‘SWE.bat’ (this will the copy assets .GEO files to the custon assets included)

Requirements:- This route uses both routes listed below. If you already have these it is very quick and easy install if not, you need both plus all there requirements, they are both very good routes to have in your library

Berks and Hants to Bristol and Penzance:-

Western Mainlines Electrification Project:-

Paddington to Paignton route includes a good number of Quick Drives with AI, several Free Roam scenarios plus 4 custom made scenarios.

Full instructions are packed with the route as are the scenario and QD AI requirements