[OTS] Northern Lines Electric

[OTS] Northern Lines Electric

21st August 2021 8 By TrainSimTV_Tom

The Preston – Blackpool North line runs from the Main station of Preston situated on the West Coast Mainline, to the ever popular summer holiday resort of Blackpool. The route has been lovingly re-created and this Electric version features all of the changes following Electrification of the line from Preston. This version of the route installs in addition to original Northern Lines and won’t overwrite the original route, which is still available as usual on the On Track Simulation Website.

What’s included?
The route between Blackpool North and Lostock Hall. Partial scenery is also included on the Blackpool South line from Moss Side to Kirkham Junction.
24 Scenarios
1 Free Roam
Basic Quick Drives without AI at various starting points and destinations.

Please note each scenario requires specific pieces of rolling stock Payware and Freeware. Please refer to the manual for the requirements list before loading.

Route Requirements:
North Wales Coastal (Discontinued) – Steam Store
Wherry Lines – AP Website or Steam Store
North London Line with Goblin Line Extension – Steam Store
ECML South Peterborough to London Kings Cross – Steam Store
Brighton Mainline – Steam Store
SWML Southampton to Bournemouth – Steam Store
Liverpool to Manchester – Steam Store
Settle to Carlisle – Steam Store
WCML Trent Valley – Steam Store
Fort William to Mallaig – Steam Store

OHLE Pack – Alan Thomson Sim

Grass Pack Version 2 – Vulcan Productions
Tree Pack – Vulcan Productions

Just Trains Common Library (As up to date as possible from Metropolitan Line onwards)

UKTS Freeware Packs – UKTrain Sim or TSDev
1.Audio and Ambient Sounds
2.Blocks Lofts and Bridges
8.Railway Buildings


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