[OTS] Cumbrian Coast & Furness Railway V1.4 (Updated 13-04-22)

[OTS] Cumbrian Coast & Furness Railway V1.4 (Updated 13-04-22)

15th February 2022 3 By TrainSimTV_Tom

The Cumbrian Coast & Furness Railway is an 80 mile route covering the lines from Preston to Morecambe, Heysham Harbour and most importantly Barrow-In-Furness and Millom. The portion of route south of Carnforth is a revamped version of the WCML Over Shap route, with the addition of the fine Preston station model from Alan Thomson Sim’s “West Coast Midlands and North West Route”. From Carnforth the route utilises a completed and revamped version of Phil Teare’s Morecambe Bay & Furness Railway route before reaching our own work in the Dalton area, for the run through Barrow to Millom.

The routes have been kindly merged together by Iain Mackay and Pete Mitchell, we appreciate their assistance in making this route feasible.

Please note Users who don’t own the new (re-released) version of North Wales Coastal can download a legacy version of the Cumbrian Coast route from the following link: https://www.ontracksimulation.com/cumbriancoast.html

What’s included?
The route following routes:
Preston to Barrow -in- Furness
Barrow -in- Furness to Millom
Morecambe Junction to Heysham via Morecambe
Barrow Ramsden Docks
WCRC Carnforth

A total of 12 standard scenarios featuring a selection of passenger, freight and rail-tour services.
2 Empty Free Roams which are located at Barrow – in – Furness and Preston for you to add trains to.

Please note that the route does not feature Quick Drive at this current moment. Though this may be
implemented in future releases & updates.

Please note each scenario requires specific pieces of rolling stock Payware and Freeware. Please refer to the
scenario supplement manual for the requirements list before loading. The supplement can be download prior at the following link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1V0GqmG0B7hLv9PXlS_CsSKRgPLhferru/view

Route Requirements:

4 Aspect Simulations:
Railway Signage Pack – Make sure you have updated to the most recent version!

Alan Thomson Sim:
Overhead Live Electrification Pack
West Coast Main Line Midlands and North West (AKA “Missing Link”)

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Wherry Lines: Norwich to Great Yarmouth & Lowestoft Route (Steam Version should also work)

Just Trains:
Common Library (Recommended Derby to Sheffield/Midland Main Line routes as these are updated regularly), JT store versions more so, other JT routes such as SWEXR may be sufficient but are likely missing newer assets

London to Brighton
Train Sim Academy (Included with Train Simulator by default but ensure you haven’t manually uninstalled it)
West Highland Line Extension
Liverpool to Manchester
Construction Scenery Pack
North Wales Coast Line: (Crewe to Holyhead)
West Coast Main Line Over Shap
Isle of Wight
Platform Clutter Scenery Pack
Town Scenery Pack
Woodhead Route

Steam Sounds Supreme:
Stainmore,Shap & Eden Valley Railway

UK TrainSim:
Freeware Scenic Assets Packs (ALL) (also available from TS Dev: http://www.trainsimdev.com/forum/downloads.php?cat=22​)
Coastal Tanker ID:23077
Derelict and rusty old motorbarge ID: 23152

Vulcan Productions
Grass Pack V4 (and later)
Tree Pack

A route manual can be downloaded prior to downloading the route from the following link:


We do not accept any responsibility for any damage to your installation or your PC, as an alleged result of the download and/or installation of this package.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is this route, any associated files or part
thereof to be included in any product without our written permission.
Please do not redistribute this route, any associated files or part thereof
without our permission.
Please do not modify and redistribute this route, any associated files or
part thereof without our permission.
Please do not upload to any other websites without our permission.

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