[OTS] 6M16 Tees N.Y – Knowsley Freight Terminal ‘66175 Rail Riders’

[OTS] 6M16 Tees N.Y – Knowsley Freight Terminal ‘66175 Rail Riders’

30th September 2020 9 By TrainSimTV_Tom

6M16 Tees N.Y – Knowsley Freight Terminal

A Scenario for DPSimulations North East England V2 Route

Thank you for downloading this scenario, the file provided can be installed in two ways.
You can either install the RWP file via the Utilities program found within your Train Simulator Directory. Or simply by opening the RWP file up with 7zip and drag and drop into your Railworks folder.

Traction: DB 66175 Rail Riders
Route Covered: Tees Yard to York Platform 3
Date: 19/06/2020
Duration: 80 Minutes
Description: Drive a DB Class 66 starting from Tees Yard heading for Knowsley Freight Terminal. The working is 6M16, please note you will be required to stop for a TPE service at Signal Y324 near Skelton Junction.

Scenario Requirements:


North East England V2 – DPSimulation
Class 156 DMU Pack – Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 185 DMU Pack – Fuller Simulation or Alan Thomson Simulation
EWS Class 66 v2.0 Loco Addon – Steam Store
Class 60 Advanced – Just Trains
BAA/BZA Wagon Pack – Armstrong Powerhouse
ECML Peterborough to London Kings Cross Route – Steam Store
Class 800 IET LNER Azuma – Alan Thomson Simulation
Grand Central Class 180 Adelante DMU Addon – Steam Store
Class 180 Revamp Pack – Major Wales Designs
Voyager Advanced 2019 – Just Trains
Class 802 TPX Plain – Hornsey Studios
Class 66779 Evening Star – Vulcan Productions
European Loco and Asset Pack only required if you purchased Train Simulator after September 2012 – Steam Store
Class 170 DMU Addon – Steam Store
Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack – Armstrong Powerhouse
Arriva Northern Class 170 – Major Wales Design
KFA Binliner Wagon Pack – On Track Simulation
UKTS ID: 21467
Rail Riders 66175 – Alan Thomson Simulation
Class 66 LED Headlights Patch – Alan Thomson Simulation

Non Essential

FSA/FTA Wagon Pack – Armstrong Powerhouse
Preserved Deltic Pack – Vulcan Productions
LNER/BR Class A1 Tornado Loco Addon – Steam Store
Scotrail Class 68 Loco Addon – Steam Store
Class 68 Enhancement Pack – Armstrong Powerhouse
Transpennine Nova 3 Mk5A Pack for the Class 180 – Alan Thomson Simulation
Class 153 Advanced – Just Trains
Arriva Northern Class 155 Reskin – Major Wales Designs
South Wales Coastal Route Addon “Discontinued” – Steam Store