New Riviera Line Scenario Pack 2

New Riviera Line Scenario Pack 2

27th March 2020 0 By Eddiestobart17

In This Scenario Pack for the New Riviera Line Exeter to Paignton brings the new everyday commuter runs, HST Runs and Freight Operations. Also with some Network Rail and Maintenance days.

This Scenario Pack includes a total of 40 Scenarios.

5 freight Scenarios

34 Passenger Scenarios Commuters, HST and Cross Country Services and also Railtour Scenarios.

2 Network Rail Scenarios.

Also a Thunder and Lightning Scenario which you are the Driver of a Cross Country Voyager Train.

1 Rescue Scenario.

Please Note you will need a lot of requirements for this Scenario Pack and also the New Riviera Line which you can get here on Alan Thomson Sim.

This Also Includes a Manual and Install Manual in the New Riviera Line Scenario Pack 2 Folder Which does list the Requirements for the Scenarios them Self.

I Hope you enjoy these Scenarios.