Networker Destinations Pack 2021 v2

Networker Destinations Pack 2021 v2

7th September 2021 2 By Chris Horsfield

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This destinations pack is for the Armstrong Powerhouse Class 365 and Class 465 Enhancement Packs, of which, if you do not own these, not worth downloading!
A complete remake of destinations for all variants and liveries, from day one of Networker operations until the present day. Each font has been custom made from scratch by myself, after extensive research into ensuring that they are all correct throughout.

These apply to all liveries within the EP’s. (Network Southeast, Connex South Eastern/Connex, ex-Connex, First Capital Connect, Great Northern, Scotrail and Southeastern).

An extensive manual is provided detailing everything that is included, and how to use them correctly.


Class 365 EP
Class 465 EP v1
Class 465 EP v2
(and their dependencies)
Class 465 EMU

Please ensure you have the most up-to-date version of these EP’s as it may cause issues.

20/08/2020 – Original segment style font colour updated to a better, lighter green colour.
20/08/2020 – LED dotted headcode numbers redone after discovering more accurate references.
26/07/2021 – HD versions added for all 3rd rail trains, some alterations to some destinations.
07/09/2021 – Updated to work with the Class 465 EP v2, with some minor updates
07/09/2021 – Fixed some inaccuracies with my SE destinations font within EPv2
07/09/2021 – Passengers removed from all vehicles

Though my content has thus far always been freeware, many hours of work have gone into the content that I produce for everyone to enjoy, particularly destinations like these, creating the fonts in the first place, which is very time consuming and at times soul destroying (Just like this pack!). Your kind donations have always given me that extra push needed to create more content, and is humbling to know that the work I put in is somewhat appreciated, so thank you! If you wish to donate (entirely at your own discretion), feel free!

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