Morning Mancunian (1987) – 1H04 06:50 London Euston – Manchester Piccadilly

Morning Mancunian (1987) – 1H04 06:50 London Euston – Manchester Piccadilly

13th September 2023 7 By Harrebarrevarre

Start up 87033 from cold having been stabled at Euston middle sidings over night to take the first express of the morning out of Euston. The stock move from Stonebridge Park for your coaches is running late but when they arrive, you can couple up and hopefully make the 06:50 departure. Euston is still busy with tonight’s sleeper and mail trains while the first morning commuters head in to the capital. You oversee this train as far as Watford Junction.

I have decided to use 4 car Class 303s in GMPTE livery as substitutes for the 310s that were used for the commuter services at this time.

30 minute scenario for Backdated Trainsim’s North London Lines BR/NSE V4. Date: 15th of October 1987. Weather: Mist. Feedback is much appreciated. Hope you enjoy! 😊

(* means it has its own requirements)
• Weather EP V2
• Signal EP
• Class 87
• Class 37 Vol. 2
• Class 313
• Class 315 (one static only)
• Class 86 EP*
• Class 31 EP*
• Class 303 Sound Pack* (Discontinued)
• Mk1 Coach Pack
• Mk2a-c Coach Pack
• Mk2d-f Coach Pack
• Mk3a-b Coach Pack
• FTA/FSA Wagon Pack
• WCML over Shap
• BR Blue Diesel Electric Pack
Vulcan Productions
• Motorail GUVs*
• BR Mark 3 SLEP Pack*
• Class 303 Blue and Grey, Orange, and Brown Pack
Backdated Trainsim
• North London Lines BR/NSE V4*
• Class 85 1.10*
• Class 313 BR North London Lines variant pack*
Major Wales Design
• Class 08 Revamp Pack*