More Dest Swapped 150/1s

More Dest Swapped 150/1s

9th July 2024 0 By Dale43170

Further inspired by Clowes, here are some more Dest swapped 150/1s that didn’t make his original pack plus a few patches to further refine it.


Armstrong Powerhouse Class 150/1 EP

ATS Clowes 150/1 Dest Swapper

Featuring –

Ex-Central Trains FGW

Ex-Central Trains Northern Unbranded

Ex-FGW Northern

Ex-Network West Midlands FGW

Ex-Network West Midlands Northern Unbranded

Ex-Silverlink FGW Unbranded

Patches for unit numbers allocated to Northern and Ex-Silverlink FGW (just 2 units ever got branded)

PreLoads consists for all of above