MLH03a : 4S81 Wentloog to Coatbridge

MLH03a : 4S81 Wentloog to Coatbridge

22nd January 2020 0 By MatthewLeeHancox

Rolling Stock Used in MLH03a: 4S81 Wentloog-Coatbridge for South Wales & Welsh Marches Shrewsbury to Swansea/Bristol

AP\JXAWagonPack01 + Yeoman reskin
DT\DT_BritishRail_WagonPack + Branding pack
DTG\BristolCardiff + AP packs for the 175
DTG\Class143Pack03 + MJW ehancement pack
JustTrains\Class20 + AP sound pack
JustTrains\Class60 + AP sound pack
Kuju\RailSimulator + AP HST MTU and VP 185 pack
Oovee\BRClass57Pack01_FL + AP sound pack
RSC\Class159Pack01 + AP Class 158 enhancement packs – both packs
RSC\Class66Pack02 + AP sound packs and Bodgeit tmds enhancement pack.


You’ll be driving a pair of 20s on 4S81 Pengam to Coatbridge service.
Due to the year the route’s set you’ll depart from Wentloog as there
is no facility at Pengam to represent the old freightliner terminal.


Use the included exe or copy the content folder to the main railworks folder.