MLH01 Whitemoor Empties

MLH01 Whitemoor Empties

11th December 2020 6 By MatthewLeeHancox

MLH01 Whitemoor Empties for ATS Peterborough Cambridge v1.5

AP\Class156Pack01 Branding and Extra Stock packs also from Armstrong Powerhouse
AP\Class317Pack01 as above

DTG\VirginPack01 RES pack from Backdated trainsim

FastlineSimulation\CEA Hopper
FastlineSimulation\YLA Mullet

JustTrains\Class153 + revamp pack from MJW

Keithmross\WCML2 Over Shap

Kuju\RailSimulator HST VAL and VP packs from Armstrong Powerhouse

RSC\Class159Pack01 + Armstrong Powerhouse Class 158/159
RSC\Class31Pack02 + Armstrong Powerhouse Class 31 enhancement pack
RSC\Class56Pack01_RFSectors + Armstrong Powerhouse class 56 enhancement pack.
RSC\Class66Pack02 Plus Armstrong Powerhouse class 66 sound pack + the extras
RSC\Class66Pack03 as above
RSC\Class91Addon + Armstrong Powerhouse enhancement pack
RSC\ECMLS + Armstrong Powerhouse Clas 365 enhancement pack.

Thomson\Class170Pack01 + Armstrong Powerhouse enhancement pack + extras


Drive from Peterborough to Whitemoor. Routes set for your departure.


The scenario contains the GU/AP 317. If you have problems with the 317 I will advise you to avoid this scenario. There’s 2 8 car units
in the carriage sidings at Peterborough.