MLH 4V36 Daventry to Wentloog for Birmingham Bristol Extended

MLH 4V36 Daventry to Wentloog for Birmingham Bristol Extended

7th September 2019 2 By MatthewLeeHancox

Rolling Stock Used in MLH 4V36 Daventry Wentloog for Birmingham Bristol Extended.

AP\Class37Pack01 (Player Train)
DTG\Class150Pack01 + AP 150EP
DTG\Class67Pack03 + AP 67 sound pack for the BYA wagons (not the EP)
DTG\Class801Pack01 + Superalbs GWR reskin
DTG\PortsmouthDirect + AP450EP
JustTrains\Class60 + AP sound pack
Kuju\RailSimulator for AP MTUEP & GWR Night riviera day coaches (James Ivell?)
Oovee\BRClass57Pack01_FL + AP sound pack & Superalbs GWR Castles Skins
RSC\Class159Pack01 + AP EP & either Lewis Clowes, MJW or Ash Lightfoots TFW reskins (I can’t remember which)
RSC\Class66Pack03 + AP sound pack
Thomson\Class170Pack01 + AP EP
Thomson\WCMLTrentValley for the Mega frets (Player train)


You’re driving 4V36 to Wentloog. Max speed is 75. GSMR is 4V36 066.

PLEASE NOTE: Cross over you use just after Kings Norton is 15 MPH.


Unzip to temp location then either copy the Content folder to your railworks folder or use the exe provided.