Mk3 Sliding Door Pack

Mk3 Sliding Door Pack

24th December 2018 25 By JamesIvell

The Mk3 is a type of Passenger coach used on the British rail network, built between 1975-1988 and run as either vehicles in the High Speed Train or as Locomotive Hauled stock.

This Pack is of the Mk3s that are being fitted with sliding doors to allow them to operate past 2020.

This pack contains the Liveries for GWR and Cross Country (Scotrail has been excluded as this livery will be released with the Scotrail 7 Cities HST Reskin)

Included are 3 Quick Drive consists, a 7 car XC set, 4 car GWR and 4 car GWR with 43093 leading and 4 car GW with 43187/188 leading.

Models done by James Ivell

Audio Done by Lewis Clowes



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