Mk2 BSOT & TSOT Pack V1.2

Mk2 BSOT & TSOT Pack V1.2

13th June 2024 1 By Dale43170

Mk2 BSOT & TSOT Pack

This pack depicts the various MK2A, C & D BSOTs & TSOTs converted from BSOs & TSOs to provide a trolley service where a full buffet or kitchen car was not warrented.


    Armstrong Powerhouse Mk2A-C Coach Pack

    Armstrong Powerhouse Mk2D-F Coach Pack


Mk2A BSOT BR Blue Grey with ScotRail Logos – New in V1.1

Mk2C BR Blue & Grey
Mk2C Network SouthEast 1 (Lighter blue)
Mk2C Network SouthEast 2 (Darker Blue)
Mk2D BR Blue & Grey

Mk2D BR ScotRail – New in V1.1
Mk2D Intercity Executive


Fixes on Mk2Ds where base livery colour on vertical parts of vent show over red stripe – unable to change horizontal parts due to texture mapping would then be red on all 4 corners.

V1.2 Fixes missing NSE 1 files I forgot to package

Unfortunately my skills do not extend to adding the Buffet markings in the windows just the red stripe above the counter area. Also due to limitations/features not included in the AP packs there are a few inaccuracies mainly with toilet window types and positioning