Mk1 Barrier Vehicles

Mk1 Barrier Vehicles

13th January 2019 0 By SScenariosBen

Here is a Pack containing some improvised MK1 Barrier coaches.

I know that sometimes you need to connect two incompatible couplers in the editor, having experienced this exact issue
I decided to create a few of these as that’s how these problems are overcome in real life. I chose to use BCK carriages
as there isn’t (to my knowledge) any proper MK1 Barrier Vehicle variants in game. Another compromise is the livery,
this pack uses SR green mk1s as again the blue these are commonly seen in, isn’t available with the DT MK1 coach pack

These do however function properly and I feel are a welcome addition to the game.

This pack comes with 3 variants which appear as follows in the editor, Also the packs required to be ticked in Objects Filter
for each variant are listed:

-Tightlock “DT Mk1 BV Tightlock SR” AP_Waggonz\Class313Pack01
-Dellner “DT Mk1 BV Dellner SR” JustTrains\Voyager
-BSI “DT Mk1 BV BSI SR” AP\Class150Pack01

Please note that there are a few noted issues:

– BSI Coupling Model sticks out a long when not connected to stock which would cover it / Resolution – When an Uncoupled BSI BV is wanted, Maybe consider using the Tightlock variant as these are both classed as “Automatic” in TS and are therefore compatible.

– Dellner model doesn’t always show in editor / Resolution – This appears to only be an issue in the editor when you view from certain angles, all should work in-game.


-DT/AP Mk1 Coach Pack (Core Requirement)
-AP Class 150/2 DMU Pack
-AP/Waggonz Class 313 EMU Pack (Steam version not currently supported, maybe added if there’s interest)
-JustTrains JT Voyager Advanced Pack

PLEASE NOTE – You do not need all of the for the Barrier Vehicle Pack to work but you will only get the variants
from the stock you own.