[mjt] 9E19 19:24 Liverpool Lime Street – Newcastle [FULL RUN]

[mjt] 9E19 19:24 Liverpool Lime Street – Newcastle [FULL RUN]

12th May 2023 9 By mattyjt02

Thank you for downloading this 4-part full run scenario, where you’ll be taking on service 9-Echo-1-9, the 19:24 TransPennine Express service from Liverpool Lime Street to Newcastle, covering the following routes:
ATS Chat Moss (Part 1)
DTG Huddersfield Line: Manchester – Leeds (Part 2)
ATS/MaxTracks Leeds Lines Phase 2 (Part 3)
DPS East Coast Main Line – North East (version on their website) (Part 4)

Setting: April 2023
Total Duration: ~200 minutes
Track Covered: Liverpool Lime Street – Newcastle via the Chat Moss and Huddersfield Line
Traction: 802201

After weeks of engineering work and upgrades on the Northern TransPennine Route between Manchester and Leeds, this busy line has finally reopened and services are operating as normal again. It’s Easter Monday, and after a busy weekend, this evening sees you take on 9-Echo-1-9, the 19:24 TransPennine Express service from Liverpool to Newcastle. It’s been wet and miserable all day and looks to stay like that for most of the evening – however, it should eventually pass over and clear up as it gets dark. Once you arrive at Newcastle and everyone’s disembarked, your job is to then take the empty unit to Heaton depot for stabling.

We will be calling at:
Newton-le-Willows (19:39), Manchester Victoria (19:59), Huddersfield (20:29), Leeds (20:49), York (21:14), Northallerton (21:38), Darlington (21:50), Durham (22:07), and Newcastle (22:21).


ATS Chat Moss
DTG Huddersfield Line: Manchester – Leeds
MAXTRACKS Leeds Lines Phase 2
DP Simulation East Coast Main Line – North East (WEBSITE VERSION)

AP Class 156 DMU Pack
AP Class 150/1 EP
AP Class 150/2 DMU Pack
AP Class 158 (Cummins) EP
AP Class 158 (Perkins) EP
AP Class 170 EP
AP Class 319 EMU Pack Vol.1
AP Class 321 EMU Pack
AP Class 350 EP
AP Class 365 EP
AP Class 43 (MTU)/Mk3 EP
*AP Class 66 EP
AP Class 68 EP
AP Class 800-803 EP
*AP JNA-C Wagon Pack
ATS/Imbue Class 185 Multiple Unit Pack
DTG Birmingham Cross City Line
DTG Grand Central Class 180 ‘Adelante’
Just Trains Voyager Advanced 2019

Class 158 TfW (by Clowes)
Class 322 – Northern UB (by CLOWES)
Class 323 Sound Mod (by Steve Green)
Class 323 Arrivia Northern & Centro Liveries (by OLLI35)
Class 80x Cab Label Patch (by BodgeItTMD)
*Drax Biomass Wagons (by Jake Fuller)
Manchester Metrolink M5000 LRV (by Richard Fletcher – Available on DP Simulation at bottom of the page under ‘RF72 Reskins’)
MJW Class 180 Revamp Pack
MJW Arriva Rail Northern Class 170 Reskin
TransPennine Nova 3 Mk5a Coach Pack (by EWHITESIDE)

Due to the current absence in TSC with
-Northern’s Civities
-Northern’s Class 333s, and
-TfW’s Class 197s…
…these trains are instead represented by MajorWales’ Arriva Northern Class 170 Reskin; CLOWES’ Class 322 Northern (UB) Reskin; and CLOWES TfW Class 158, respectively. All of these units however have all been relabelled in-game with their correct numbering.

1) Download and extract the provided zip file, where you will find 4 separate folders corresponding to each of the 4 parts of the scenario.
2) Within these separate folders, navigate to their individual ‘Contents’ folders. Simply drag these separate ‘Contents’ folders into your railworks folder, and the scenario should be installed!