Mid Suffolk Light Railway

Mid Suffolk Light Railway

31st August 2021 3 By Captain seagull

The mid suffolk railway was built in 1904 and closed in 1952. 40 Years later a group of enthusiasts
formed a company to recreate the mid sufolk light railway at the sight of Brockford station the route is 500m long at the time of upload. 6 scenarios are included requirements below!

Route Requirements:
AP station pack (Vital)
Fort william to mallaig (Vital)
Riviera Line
European Loco and assets pack (Vital)
China Clay for Export
Wherry Lines (Vital)

Scenario / Free Roam Requirements:
Weyside works Ruston48
Weyside works Manning Wardle H
Weyside works 0-4-0 W4 Peckett
Falmouth Branch Line (not required for Free Roam)
Fort william to mallaig

Quick Drive is enabled!

Weyside Works Link https://waysideworks.jimdofree.com/

To install just copy ‘Content’ into your railworks folder.