[LC] 1N80 07:06 London Kings Cross – York

[LC] 1N80 07:06 London Kings Cross – York

20th December 2021 1 By TrainSpotter420

Standard Scenario for DPS ECML South London – Peterborough
Scenario Length: 45 mins

Hello driver! The festive season is approaching us and today your diagrammed to take 1N80 from Kings Cross to Peterborough consisting of a pair of 5 car LNER Azumas, you’ll be stopping at Stevenage along the way. It’s the morning rush hour and the lines are somewhat busy, however this shouldn’t affect you. 1D03 is making a slight late start from Kings Cross so you’ll receive a yellow signal at departure time ish.


I’ve used real time services from Friday 17th December though on that day 1N80 was a 9 car Azuma however i wanted to change it up a bit. Everything else has been done accordingly such as platform allocations, on that morning quite a lot of services were cancelled but i ignored it and still implemented them into the scenario for best experience.


ECML London – Peterborough
DPS ECML South, London – Peterborough (from Steam Workshop)
Class 91 Addon
DTG Class 180
Brighton Mainline (For Class 700/717)

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 800-803 Enhancement Pack
Class 387 Enhancement Pack
Class 91 Enhancement Pack
Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack (Optional)

Major Wales Design:
VTEC/LNER Class 91 Pack

Alan Thomson Sim:
Desiro City – Class 700

Should i have missed any requirements or should the scenario have problems/issues, please comment!

Installation Guide:
Extract the Content folder from within the zip to your Railworks Directory, commonly found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Railworks