Last Neasden – Wool M.O.D Sand Train (2014)

Last Neasden – Wool M.O.D Sand Train (2014)

23rd November 2020 1 By Sami Pitfield

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This is my first scenario made for train simulator.
It replicates the last ever Neasden – Wool sand train. The last one was 9th May 2014.
I decided to make this scenario as my first one because I live local to Wool and the SWML, and remember seeing the sand train run down to wool sidings.

Any improvements, anything I’ve missed in the requirements or I could make or anything you want to say feel free to comment.

DTG Southwestern Mainline: Southampton To Bournemouth.
DTG Portsmouth Direct Line.
AP Class 66 Enhancement Pack (Branding Patch recommended).
AP Class 37 Loco Pack Vol 1 + 2 (Branding Patch recommended).
AP Class 444/450/350 Enhancement Pack (Branding Patch recommended).
AP HIA Wagon Pack (Branding Patch recommended).
AP FTA Wagon Pack.
DTG Network Southeast Class 159 DMU.
AP Class 158/159 Enhancement Pack (Branding Patch recommended).
DTG Class 70 Loco (Not Essential).
JT Class 220/221/222 Pack (AP Sound Pack Optional).
JT Class 20 Pack (RHTT Wagons Needed).
AP Rail Freight Car Wagon Pack (Not Essential).
DTG Class 442 Gatwick Express EMU (AP Sound Pack Optional).
Class 442 South West Trains Stagecoach Livery.
Class 377 Electrostar (Portsmouth Direct Line).
JT Class 60 (Not Essential).