[KWS] Class 80X Sound Patch [DISCONTINUED]

[KWS] Class 80X Sound Patch [DISCONTINUED]

19th September 2021 16 By Follower Kieran

Hi all, thank you for taking the time to check out this temporary solution for the Class 80X sounds. I am fully aware that multiple people are working on revamping the 800 but I feel like the community needs a stop gap solution to help take advantage of new scenarios being released for the ECML.

This pack was created by myself, Jack Dean (Creator of the Azuma Announcements) and sibob. Please note that all the sounds are used from AP’s Class 68 EP and Class 375 EP which means you will
need to own these or this mod will not work. Please follow the steps in the read me file for the correct installation.

V1.3 Changelog

– Fixed Horn (No Longer Default)
– Fixed AWS Button Press (No Longer Default)

Known Issues

– Two Tone not currently working, being actively worked on.