[KWS] 1P76 RCC – MIA

[KWS] 1P76 RCC – MIA

4th October 2021 0 By Follower Kieran

[KWS] 1P76 RCC – MIA

By KW Simulation


This scenario puts you in charge of 1P76 between Huddersfield & Manchester Victoria. It’s a nice sunny afternoon with no issues reported along the line. Sit back and enjoy the drive. The scenario is 35 minutes in length and will give you a relaxing drive to Manchester Victoria.

Calling Points

Your calling points for this scenario are as followed:

Manchester Victoria (Arrival at 16:37)


Any requirements marked with a * are optional but do enhance the experience of the scenario.

Manchester Stations to Huddersfield v2.1
ATS Class 185
AP Class 158 EP
AP Weather EP*
Clowes Class 158 Northern Variants