[KTL] [RS] 1Z86 14:30 Penzance – London Paddington ‘The Duchy Explorer’ [PT2] [Fictional]

[KTL] [RS] 1Z86 14:30 Penzance – London Paddington ‘The Duchy Explorer’ [PT2] [Fictional]

25th January 2023 0 By KTL Rob Powell

*TESTED fully with BHBP V2 and TESTED fully with BHBP V3. This file works with BHBP V3 wih no modification needed*

This scenario, although fictional uses the timetable from the 14/01/2023 based on information gleaned from RTT. I have tried to number stock correctly where possible, and have used best guesses with the other bits of flare I have added. This pack primarily came about as part of my want to test out the excellent Armstrong Powerhouse Signal Enhancement Pack which I highly recommend. This scenario pack probably wont function without it. It has been split in to two parts as two previous attempts at creating a scenario from Plymouth as far as Bristol failed miserably with about 9-10 hours of work down the drain as I essentially over loaded the simulator with data.

The requirements for this scenario are quite extensive to try to provide the best experience possible. Please note, everything except requirements listed under the ‘statics’ section will be required for this scenario to function as intended! Missing static requirements will result in the loss of some stock in and around the yards.

For scenario QOL purposes I have made an edit my end to the normal portal supplied with the core of the game to enable it to be placed manually in the scenario editor. This means that you will have custom portals in this scenario without me having to supply a scenario placeable portal (which would just be a copy of this asset). This has been achieved by editing the .bin file to allow placement in the scenario editor whilst maintaining maximum compatibility.

Primary (active stock) Requirements:

Routes (freeware):
BHBP V2 (and all its requirements).

Routes (payware):
DTG ECML London – Peterborough (for the class 800).

General (payware):
AP Signal Enhancement Pack.
AP Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack.

Rolling Stock (payware):
AP MK 1 Coach Pack.
AP Mk2A-C Coach Pack.
AP Mk2D-F Coach Pack.
AP / BMG Class 50 Pack.
AP Class 150/2 Pack.
AP Class 43 MTU Enhancement Pack.
AP Class 43 Val Enhancement Pack.
AP Class 43 VP185 Enhancement Pack.
AP Class 158 Cummins Enhancement pack.
AP Class 158 Perkins Enhancement Pack.
AP Class 66 Enhancement Pack.
AP Class 800 Enhancement Pack.
DTG Class 159 NSE (Steam)
DTG European Assets Pack (Steam – available with many routes).
DTG Class 70 Freightliner (Steam).
DTG EWS Class 66 V 2.0.
DTG Freightliner Class 66 V 2.0.
Just Trains Voyager Advanced 2019
Major Wales Design KSA wagon pack

Rolling Stock (freeware):
Riviera Trains Mk2 (+) Pack (The Blue & Grey Train).
Major Wales Design Class 43 Revamp Pack.
Class 166 Great Western Railway (scroll down or use Ctrl+f to locate).
Class 166 FGW Plain Blue (above the Great Western Railway reskin).
Class 70 Colas Rail (scroll down or use Ctrl+f to locate).
Class 66 (No Driver Pack) (and all its requirements / from Alan Thomson Sim).

Static (secondary stock) Requirements:

Routes (payware):
DTG Settle – Carlisle (for the HTA’s).

Rolling Stock (payware):
JT JJA Autoballaster PlusPak Advanced.
JT Class 20 Advanced Collection (for the RHTT wagons).

Rolling Stock (freeware):
Network Rail Stock Pack Vol.1.
Just Trains ZZA Snow Plough

Installation Instructions:

Navigate to where you have downloaded the zip file.
Open the zip file and drag the content folder over to your Railworks folder.
Open Train simulator and clear the cache (this is good practice).