[KTL] 5Z80 / 1Z80 09:25 Penzance – Kingswear ‘Up Riviera Belmond’ [Fictional]

[KTL] 5Z80 / 1Z80 09:25 Penzance – Kingswear ‘Up Riviera Belmond’ [Fictional]

21st February 2023 0 By KTL Rob Powell

V1 (Initial upload):

This scenario pack, although fictional uses the timetable from the 28/01/2023 based on information gleaned from RTT. I have tried to number stock correctly where possible, and have used best guesses with the other bits of flare I have added. This pack primarily came about as part of my want to test out the excellent Armstrong Powerhouse Signal Enhancement Pack which I highly recommend. This scenario pack wont function without it. It has been split over multiple parts to cover a fictional weekend getaway in the winter arranged by the Belmond Pullman company. This and the following scenario are the Saturday special. There will be another 2 packs with the Down Belmond Statesman from Crewe on the Friday and the Up Belmond Statesman on the Sunday (eventually).

The requirements for this scenario are quite extensive to try to provide the best experience possible. Please note, everything except requirements listed under the ‘statics’ section will be required for this scenario to function as intended! Missing static requirements will result in the loss of some stock in and around the yards and on the DSR.

Please note:
The AP Signal EP is a *MANDATORY* requirement. At best the scenario will not work as intended and at worst, it will fall apart without warning.

Track covered: Penzance – Kingswear on BHBP V3

The return journey is in the works and will be uploaded here when finished.


Primary (active stock) Requirements:

Routes (freeware):
BHBP V3 (and all its requirements).

Routes (payware):
DTG ECML London – Peterborough (for the class 800). (Steam.)
DTG WCML Over Shap (for the Night Riviera stock by James Ivell) (Steam.)
DTG WCML North (for the Night Riviera stock by James Ivell) (Steam.)
DTG Woodhead in Blue (for the MJW Class 08 revamp pack) (Steam.)

General (payware):
AP Signal Enhancement Pack.
AP Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack.

Rolling Stock (payware):
AP MK 1 Coach Pack.
AP Mk2A-C Coach Pack.
AP Mk2D-F Coach Pack.
AP Class 150/2 Pack.
AP Class 67 Enhancement Pack.
AP Class 43 MTU Enhancement Pack.
AP Class 43 Val Enhancement Pack.
AP Class 43 VP185 Enhancement Pack.
AP Class 158 Cummins Enhancement Pack.
AP Class 158 Perkins Enhancement Pack.
AP Class 800 Enhancement Pack.
AP Class 66 Enhancement Pack.
DTG EWS Class 66 V 2.0. (Steam.)
DTG Freightliner Class 66 V 2.0. (Steam.)
Oovee Class 57/0 Freightliner. (for the VP 57 Pack) (Steam).
DTG Class 159 NSE (Steam).
DTG European Assets Pack. (Steam – available with many routes).
DTG EWS Class 67 (Steam).
DTG Class 08 TOC pack (Steam).
Matrix Trains Pullman Cars – BR Era Set 1 FIRST CLASS (from Steam Sounds Supreme).
Just Trains Voyager Advanced 2019.

Rolling Stock (freeware):
The Full Belmond British Pullman Pack. V1.62.
(Does not use the BMG Merchant Navy packs. However will require the AP coach packs, the 67 EP and the Matrix trains Pullman set.)
Major Wales Design Class 43 Revamp Pack.
Major Wales Design Class 08 Revamp Pack.
Class 66 (No Driver Pack) (and all its requirements / from Alan Thomson Sim).
James Ivell Night Riviera stock Pack.
Vulcan Productions Class 57/6 Western Region Pack.
BLS Network Rail Stock Pack Vol.1.

Static (secondary stock) Requirements:

Rolling Stock (payware):
AP JNA-C Wagon Pack.
Victory Works GWR 4200/5205/7200 2-8-0T Pack.
DTG BR Blue Pack 01.

Rolling Stock (freeware):
Golden Goldsmith Dartmouth Steam Railway Shunters Pack & MK1 Carriages (not the older pack).