[KTL] 1M05 Penzance – Manchester [Fictional]

[KTL] 1M05 Penzance – Manchester [Fictional]

26th January 2021 0 By KTL Rob Powell

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A fictional scenario set in the early 90’s. Take a class 47 from Long Rock Depot to be fueled and onto it’s consist at Penzance before taking the train as far as Bristol Parkway. Scenario Length is aproximately 5 hours and 20 minutes.

Scenario Requirements:

Just Trains:
The entire WML from Just Trains
Class 153
Class 60
FNA Wagons (these come with the class 20 advanced)

Armstrong Powerhouse:
BAA/BZA Wagon Pack
MK1 pack
Both MK2 packs
Both Class 158 EPs
Class 31 EP
Class 43 Valenta EP
Class 47 SP
Class 150 Pack
Class 37 Volume 1&2 Packs
Class 50 Pack
Weather Enahncement Pack
Class 142 Pack
(Plus all extra stock packs!)

Creative Rail:
China Clay for Export

BR Blue pack 02
European and US asset packs (You rpobably already own these)
Class 08 packs 1,3,4&5 (requires the EWS/Freightliner packs and a few of the marketplace skins!)
Class 159 Pack 01 (NSE)
Class 31 pack 02
West Coast mainline Over Shap

Vulcan productions:
VP InterCity Motorail Coaches
BR MK3 ‘Intercity’ Sleeper Pack