[KL 2013] 2U40 12:22 Longbridge to Four Oaks

[KL 2013] 2U40 12:22 Longbridge to Four Oaks

4th August 2021 0 By KLScenarios

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Drive 323219 on train 2U40 the 12:22 London Midland service from Longbridge to Four Oaks on a gloomy autumn afternoon.


Birmingham Cross City
WCML South
Portsmouth Direct line
Class 170 DMU Pack

Armstrong Powerhosue
Class 350 Enhancement Pack
Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack

Just Trains
Voyager Advanced

Major Wales Designs
Class 390 Revamp Pack

Vulcan Productions
Arriva Cross Country Class 170
Class 323 West Midlands Pack
Class 170 Air Dam Patch

Alan Thomson Sim
Class 170 CT/XC Destination Patch
Class 170 LM/WMR Destination Patch

Recommended but Not Required
Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack