Keighley and Worth Valley Winter Collection

Keighley and Worth Valley Winter Collection

14th December 2020 0 By Thomas Oates

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This scenario pack covers winter operations on the KWVR. The first set includes a recreation of a typical day of Santa Special operations in the buildup to Christmas. Once you’re done with those, dive headfirst into a winter steam gala held in the midst of freezing cold temperatures and glorious sunny light. With an intense timetable, a wide variety of traction, and shunting galore, there’s plenty to keep players entertained!

DLC required;
Keighley and Worth Valley Railway (SSS)
Riviera Line in the 50s (Steam)
Woodhead 1950s (Steam)
BR Standard 2MT (Steam)
Woodhead Electric Railway in Blue (Steam)
BR Standard 4MT (DT)
USATC S160 (Steam)
WD 2-8-0 (SSS)

Installation is via two .rwp files; one contains the Santa Special scenarios, and the other the Gala. Also included is a copy of a gala timetable.