[JWT] 2H21 10.31 London Bridge – Crystal Palace v2

[JWT] 2H21 10.31 London Bridge – Crystal Palace v2

19th June 2021 2 By Jack Clemens

[JWT] 2H21 10.31 London Bridge to Crystal Palace v2

Hello driver. Prepare your cab and change to DOO by pressing Cntrl+R.
There was some disruption during the rush-hour this morning and things are only starting to recover. SSuX May-Dec 20.

London Bridge (dep 10.31)
South Bermondsey (arr 10.35)
Queens Road Peckham (arr 10.38)
Peckham Rye (arr 10.41)
East Dulwich (arr 10.44)
North Dulwich (arr 10.46)
Tulse Hill (arr 10.50)
West Norwood Junc (pass 10.53)
West Norwood (arr 10.54)
Gipsy Hill (arr 10.57)
Crystal Palace (arr 11.01)

30 mph TSR East of Pilgrim Hill Rd Bridge (West Norwood Station)
GSM-R: 2H21 SG: 495

Have a safe shift!

– 30 Mins
– Misty / Summer / Morning


AP 455 EP Vol.2
AP 465/466 Ep Vol.1
AP 375/377 EP
AP Sky/Weather EP
AP class 168/170/171 EP
AP class 319 vol.1

DTG: South London Network
DTG: Capitalstar class 378 London Overground

Fastline Simulations:
EWS ZCA Sea Urchins ex-VDA Wagon Pack (For the TSR equipment)

**Updated to v2 25.06.21 utilising AP 455 vol.2**