(JR) 5Z44 10:05 Keighley WVR-Gobowen Cambrian Railways

(JR) 5Z44 10:05 Keighley WVR-Gobowen Cambrian Railways

2nd July 2022 1 By Robbo13

5Z44 10:05 Keighley WVR-Gobowen Cambrian Railways

You join 144007 and 144006, which are working 5Z44 10:05 Keighley WVR-Gobowen Cambrian Railways, just outside Manchester Victoria while awaiting a path through the station. Having been in storage at Keighley since March, 144007 & 006 moved to the Cambrian Railway, where they entered preservation. You will be working the train as far as Warrington Bank Quay, where a crew change will take place. Your max speed is 75mph. Year=2020

How to install
1. Extract using 7zip
2. Copy Contents folder into Railworks folder
3. Done!

Route: (ATS) Chat Moss

Duration: 30mins


Class 185
Drax Biomass Wagons (Public Beta v1.3)

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 37 vol 2*
Class 66 EP
Class 142
Class 150/1 EP
Class 156
Class 158C EP
Class 175 EP 2.0
Class 319 Vol 1 EP
Class 325 EP
Class 390 SP
Class 800 EP
FSA wagons
HKA wagons*
ICA wagons*
JGA wagons*
JNA wagons*
Weather EP

Class 66 EWS (For AP 66 EP)
Class 150/1 (For AP 150/1 EP)
Class 159 (For AP 158C EP)
Class 325 (For AP 325 EP)
Class 801 (For AP 800 EP)
South Wales Coastal (For AP 175 EP)
Trent Valley
WCML South (For MJW 390 revamp pack)

Just Trains
IPA wagons*

Major Wales
Class 142 revamp pack
Class 143/144 revamp pack
Class 390 revamp pack

Vulcan Productions
66779 Evening Star reskin

Anything marked with * is for static AI only. If you do not have these, the scenario will still work as intended.

I believe that is everything, if there is anything missing or you have any issues please let me know and I will do my best to fix the issue. Other than that I hope you enjoy this scenario!