(JR) 1Z43 13:25 Barrow Hill South Jn-Bradford Interchange

(JR) 1Z43 13:25 Barrow Hill South Jn-Bradford Interchange

13th October 2022 5 By Robbo13

1Z43 13:25 Barrow Hill South Jn-Bradford Interchange

Afternoon, today you are working the Hope Valley portion of 1Z43 13:25 Barrow Hill South Jn-Bradford Interchange, otherwise known as ‘The Grand Farewell’. You join the tour just outside Sheffield and will work as far as Stockport. This tour ran to mark the end of HST workings for Grand Central and took in many of the HSTs regular routes; as well as some they did not. These included the Hope Valley and the Calder Valley. You have 43423 ‘Valenta 1972-2010’ leading with 43480 on the rear. Year=2017

How to install
1. Extract using 7zip
2. Copy Contents folder into Railworks folder
3. Done!

Rout= Just Trains- Midland Mainline + Hope Valley extension

Duration= 50mins


Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 43 MTU EP
Class 66 EP
Class 142*
Class 150/1 EP
Class 150/2
Class 156
Class 158 Cummins/Perkins EP
Class 390 SP
JPA wagons
HIA wagons
Weather EP*

Class 185
Clowes Class 222 destinations
Fuller Drax wagons
Pennine Pacer Manchester Stations-Huddersfield

Class 66 EWS & FL (For AP 66 EP)
Class 150/1 (For AP 150/1 EP)
Class 150/2 (For AP 150/2)
Class 159 (For AP 158 Cummins & Perkins EP)
Medway Valley Line*
Riviera Line (For MJW 144 revamp pack)*
WCML South (For MJW 390 revamp pack)

Just Trains

Class 142 Revamp pack*
Class 144 Revamp pack*
Class 390 Revamp pack

Anything marked with * is for static AI only and are optional. The scenario will still run as intended without these. Most marked with * are to populate sidings along the route.

I believe that is everything. If there is anything missing or you have any issues please let me know and I will do my best to fix the issues. Other that that I hope you enjoy this scenario!