HST: GNER 067 & 080 Buffered Unit

HST: GNER 067 & 080 Buffered Unit

8th January 2019 0 By JamesIvell

The Class 43 are the Diesel locomotives that make up the power cars of the Intercity 125 High Speed Train Sets.
This reskin is of 43 067 & 080 which was leased as a one off power car by GNER after its was put into storage by Virgin Trains until 2006 as a spare unit for that could be called upon if another unit failed, it had the special title of being the only Buffered HST power cars in GNERs HST Fleet.



European Loco & Asset Pack (You may already own this, it’s bundled with some routes and came with Train Simulator before 2012.)

HST Buffer Loco Add-On (Obtainable through purchasing the WCML North Route)

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 43 (Valenta)/Mk3 Enhancement Pack
Alan Thomson Simulation
HST Improvement Patch