Great Northern 2016 Scenario Pack for ATS Kings Cross-Kings Lynn

Great Northern 2016 Scenario Pack for ATS Kings Cross-Kings Lynn

4th November 2022 1 By Cactus732

Included are 15 scenarios from the 2016 Working Timetable and a semi-fictional driver training scenario, a working that I found photo evidence of but couldn’t find in the actual WTT. They are focused on Great Northern Operations driving Classes 313, 317, 321, 365 and 387, with 20+ hrs of driving.

Package Route: ATS Kings Cross-Kings Lynn

Where possible I have matched liveries from photographs. As the WTT period is long some liveries change in different scenarios but i’m pretty sure I got rid of the obvious errors like having FCC specials in the same scenarios as VTEC Class 90 haulage.

As you can imagine the requirements for a pack of this size are quite extensive, but are as follows:

ATS Kings Cross-Kings Lynn + Cambridge to Peterborough
AP Class 156
AP Class 158 Perkins EP
AP Class 170EP + Vulcan Productions Legacy Cross Country Pack
APW Class 313 + GU Studios weathered reskin
AP Class 317 Volume 1
AP Class 321 + Superalbs Ex-FCC Reskin
AP Class 325 EP
AP Class 365 EP + DP Simulation Cambridge + Peterborough Reskins
AP Class 387 EP
AP Class 43 VP185 EP
AP Class 43 MTU EP + ATS LNER/VTEC Reskin pack
AP Class 50
AP Class 66 EP + BodgeitTMD (ATS) Freightliner reskin pack + VP Legacy 66718 reskin
AP Class 67 EP
APW Class 90 + BodgeitTMD (ATS) DB, EWS and DRS reskins
APW Class 90 GEML
AP Class 91EP + ATS LNER/VTEC Reskin Pack
AP JPA Wagons
AP Mk3a/b coack pack
DTG Class 180 + Majorwales Revamp Pack
DTG Class 70 + DP Simulation Freightliner MJA Branding
DP Simulation British Gypsum FEA Wagons
OnTrack Simulation KFA Binliners

All EPs and Reskin packs have their own requirements which are also required for proper functionality.

All Scenarios have only been tested with Kings Cross-Kings Lynn AND Peterborough-Cambridge installed. I don’t know if the Cambridge/Kings Lynn scenarios will function without the Peterborough section.