GR 5340 Edinburgh to London Kings Cross

GR 5340 Edinburgh to London Kings Cross

21st June 2021 5 By Pejay Hill

Edinburgh to London KX Express Timetabled service..You are arriving at Waverley Platform 11. This is a genuine attempt to accurately depict the 1100 hrs GR 5340 LNER service to London Kings Cross….An Exception should be made because of upgrading to the route in the real world, I have also used a full 9 car consist, hence the start on platform 11 instead of Platform 6.This is how the service should have looked had it not been for the upgrading to the route and Covid restrictions. As a driver, you can control the speed of your train so as to arrive at the scheduled time. .AI’s have been given an unpredictable element and I have used artistic license for freight and steam excursion AI’s so you might encounter them outside of schedule…..Just as you might in real life. It is a long trip time of 4hrs and 39 minutes if you can stay the whole course in one sitting. Have a good trip. I hope you enjoy.

In order for you to get the most out of this scenario, you will need the following requirements:

A Thomson simulations:
The East Coast Mainline Merge and all of the dependencies.
The Class 801/801 …..AT LNER reskin
The Class 180……. AT Grand Central reskin
The Superalbs class 700/701…. AT Great Northern reskin

Totalisemedia GARL route or Class 380

The Thomson Ovee Class 170…. Strathclyde SPT reskin

AP waggon pack

Just trains Class 66 waggon pack
Just Trains Voyager

UK Waggon pack

DPS Class 350 ……..Northern Rail reskin.
The Class 156 Class 158 and the Northern Rail reskins

S9BL Class 390 …….LNER reskin

Class 325 Royal mail

This scenario can be installed using the Railworks utility