[GJD] 6F70 1156 to Newport Docks

[GJD] 6F70 1156 to Newport Docks

16th June 2022 0 By GJDobbzy

Drive a EWS class 66 on this coal run from Aberthaw Power station to Newport docks via East Usk Yard.
First part you start by Canton Depot and need to work your way throught busy Cardiff central to East Usk Yard.
Seconed part only a small hop from one side of Newport to the other. You are running early so expect a little waiting at points.
Hope you enjoy and any problems get in touch, and let us know if you enjoy it.


Armstrong Powerhouse

MK2 pack (both packs)
Class 37 (Both packs)
class 50
class 142
class 150
Class 66 EP
class 43 EP (Valenta and VP185)
class 158 (Both packs)
class 170 EP
class 175 EP pack 2.0
BAA Wagon Pack
HAA Wagon Pack
JSA Wagon Pack
JXA Wagon Pack
ICA-D Wagon Pack
Weather EP


South Wales Coastal: Bristol – Swansea (UB)
Woodhead Electric Railway in Blue
EWS/Freightliner Class 08

Digital Traction

British Rail Wagon Pack (1960s-2000)

Just Trains

Class 60

Major Wales Design

Class 08 Revamp Pack
Class 43 Revamp Pack
Class 66 Nameplate (Frightliner and EWS)
Class 142 Revamp Pack (for the valley lines reskin)
W&B class 158 Ginsters
W&B class 158 Western Mail


Class 60 Pack


UKTS Free Wagon Pack

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V1.1 update. adding valley lines reskin 142 to the notes after leaving it out.