[GJD] 1135 to Lostwithiel Down Sidings

[GJD] 1135 to Lostwithiel Down Sidings

14th January 2023 7 By GJDobbzy

Drive this Intercity class 37 on this China Clay Working.
Its A Summer day in Cornwall and you be run a 37 from Moorswater to Lpstwithiel sidings. Where it will wait for its pathing to Fowey Docks later on.
As you got a heavy load of 14 Wagons this morning our of Moorwater. You will need to double assent Liskeard loop with your load.
So follow all instructions and stop at all stop board till signaller messagers.
This Scenario follows photos of this working i found in 1994, So hopefully you enjoy the old liverys knocking about.
Hope you enjoy and any problems get in touch, and let us know if you enjoy it.


Armstrong Powerhouse

class 150
class 43 EP (Valenta & VP185)
class 158 EP (Both packs)
Class 37 Pack (Both packs)
ICA Wagon Pack
MFA Wagon Pack
BR mark 1
BR mark 2 (Both Packs)
Weather EP


China Clay Export Route
class 159 pack

Major Wales Design

Class 43 Revamp Pack
class 153 Revamp pack

Just Trains

Class 153
Western Mainlines Cornish mainline extension