[GJD] 1055 to Penzance

[GJD] 1055 to Penzance

23rd May 2023 3 By GJDobbzy

Drive a GWR class 43 HST in castle class formation 2+4. On this Sunday service 2C73 1055 Cardiff Central to Penzance.
Its A Sunday lunchtime run so should find traffic light on the rails, But few engineering works happen today and signal problem at Castle Cary, expected a few delays.
Hope you enjoy and any problems get in touch, and let us know if you enjoy it.


Armstrong Powerhouse

class 150
Class 66 EP
class 43 EP (MTU)
class 158 (Both packs)
Class 800 EP
Weather 2.0 EP
FSA/FTA wagon plack
JTA/JUA/PTA wagon pack


East Coast Main Line London-Peterborough
class 159 pack

Just Trains

Voyager advance pack
Auto ballast Wagons
South Western Expressways – Reading

Major Wales Design

Class 43 Revamp Pack


UKTS Free Wagon Pack


GWR Class 166
FGW plain Blue class 166