Fuller Sim VMS Signal Pack

Fuller Sim VMS Signal Pack

23rd September 2019 2 By nymr1

Signals Included:

2, 3 & 4 Aspect with Straight, Bent and Tall posts and Gantry Varients.

Repeater/Distant Signals

4 Aspect SCLS Signal

Route Indicators – Single, Single Mini, Double & One Custom (C/S) which acts as a Feather.

Feathers – F1, F4, F14, F12, F45, F124 & F145.

Update Log:

V1 – Initial Release.
V1.1 – Official Release.
V1.2 – Added aditional Gantry Variants (Feathers).
V1.3 – Added aditional Gantry Variants (Theatres), fixed issues with the Theatre characters, fixed Double Theatre, added Poole Station signals, added Banner Repeaters (Norm and 3 Aspect), added omitted Theatre characters.
V1.4 – New Textures for all Signals.