Flat Wagon Pack V1.1

Flat Wagon Pack V1.1

21st January 2021 4 By C 70015

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A wagon pack that has been needed for a while (imo). I’ve sensed that the market of flat wagons in game are rather limited and left a fairly big gap in the realism side of scenarios. I hope to be able to slowly fill in this gap with my (hopefully) forthcoming packs (can’t promise anything but i’ll try my best to keep to this).
This pack, i have included some of the most fundamental wagons to GBRf and Freightliner, all to be used with the already-existent wagons. These wagons include:

FEA (4 varients, 3 GBRf, 1 Freightliner)
IFA (origanally an EU wagon, can be used on UK tracks, GBRf).

A full list can be found in the included PDF.
Also included are a set of container liveries.

That’s all for now, hope you enjoy 🙂