Fife Circle Line Scenario Pack (2004-2005) *SUBSCRIPTION ONLY*

Fife Circle Line Scenario Pack (2004-2005) *SUBSCRIPTION ONLY*

21st June 2020 Off By Poolecj

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This scenario pack is a collection of 12 scenarios for the Fife Circle route, set in the 2004/2005 era. The included scenarios will see you drive a variety of DMU stock, as well as a couple of freight services which no longer run today. Please read below for the full details.

Scenario List:
• 1A45 - 07:30 Edinburgh Waverley to Dyce
• 1B47 - 18:55 Dyce to Edinburgh Waverley
• 1E24 - 14:55 Aberdeen to London Kings Cross
• 1S03 - 07:10 Leeds to Aberdeen
• 2G11 - 06:04 Newcraighall to Edinburgh Waverley
• 2G27 - 20:27 Kirkcaldy to Edinburgh Waverley
• 2G57 - 13:23 Cowdenbeath to Newcraighall
• 2G75 - 14:37 Newcraighall to Edinburgh Waverley
• 2K11 - 11:39 Edinburgh Waverley to Newcraighall
• 2K27 - 19:09 Edinburgh Waverley to Kirkcaldy
• 6D71 - 12:22 Linkswood to Mossend
• 6E59 - 06:25 Aberdeen Waterloo to Doncaster

Scenario Features:
• 12 accurate scenarios with workings, weather and unit numbers identical to real life images where possible.
• All Class 170 scenarios play accurate on-board announcements voiced by Fletcher Mathers as per reality.
• A mixture of express passenger, stopping passenger and freight services.
• Varying weather conditions and seasons.

DLC Required:
• Fife Circle Line
• Edinburgh to Glasgow or Class 170
• WCML Over Shap
• Class 66 Freightliner
• Class 91
• Class 159
• European Loco and Asset Pack

3rd Party Requirements:
• AP Class 37 Volume 1 Pack
• AP Class 43 Valenta Enhancement Pack
• AP Class 66 Enhancement Pack
• AP Class 90 Pack
• AP Class 91 Enhancement Pack
• AP Class 150/2 DMU Pack
• AP Class 156 DMU Pack
• AP Class 158 Cummins Enhancement Pack
• AP Class 170 Enhancement Pack
• AP Mk2 D-F Pack
• AP Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack
• Just Trains Voyager Advanced
• ATS HST/Mk3 Improvement Patch
• ATS Class 91/Mk4 Improvement Patch
• ATS Mk3 Caledonian Sleeper Pack

Thank you for downloading this scenario pack! I hope you enjoy! All my scenarios are tested before release to ensure that everything works as intended, however in the unlikely event you encounter any errors, please leave a comment on the scenario page.
• Please note that I am unable to offer support if you don’t have all the requirements, or have swapped out stock using RW Tools.

Also, if you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment on the scenario page as well.


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