(FGN) 1B94 20:50 Birmingham New St – London Euston (WB64)

(FGN) 1B94 20:50 Birmingham New St – London Euston (WB64)

24th February 2021 1 By Fred GN

It’s the Summer of 2014, you are to take charge of the Virgin Trains “Pretendolino” Mk3 set on the Thursday and Friday only evening run from Birmingham New Street to London Euston, you will call at Birmingham International, Coventry and Rugby before running non stop to London Euston. The max speed of 110mph means the train is slower than the Pendolinos and Voyagers as you don’t operate at the EPS Speeds, do your best at keeping to time as much as possible. The following content is required to ensure the scenario works sucessfully:

Armstrong Powerhouse:
– Class 90/Mk3 DVT Pack
– Class 90 (FL)
– Class 321 EMU Pack
– Class 390 Sound Pack
– Class 350 Enhancement Pack
– Class 375/377 Enhancement Pack
– Mk2D-F Coach Pack
– HST Enhancement Packs (All 3)
– Class 170 Enhancement Pack

Just Trains:
– Voyager Advanced 2019

Major Wales Design:
– Class 390 Pack
– Pretendolino Pack

– WCML South
– Portsmouth Direct Line – London to Portsmouth
– WCML North
– WCML Over Shap
– GEML Class 90 Loco Add On
– Chatham Main Line
– European Assets Pack (required if purchased after 2012)
– Thomson Class 170 Add On
– DTG Class 159