Europhoenix Class 91 (V1.1)

Europhoenix Class 91 (V1.1)

13th December 2019 4 By EWhiteside

Europhoenix has purchased two of the class 91 electric locomotives for initial trials abroad, and more could follow as their career on the East Coast Main Line draws to a close.

Europhoenix has bought 91117 and 91120 from Eversholt Rail Group. Both had been sent off-lease on September 25 by LNER, as more Hitachi Class 800/801 Azumas entered traffic.

EP owner Glenn Edwards told RAIL on October 4 that the locomotives would work in permanent pairs, with the blunt ends coupled together. Currently, ‘91s’ are not suitable for heavy freight haulage duty, so in partnership with Voith they will be re-geared to a lower rating to enable them to operate in this manner.

The first EP ‘91s’ have received the company’s livery, and were hauled from Bounds Green to Leicester on October 5. Both are currently stabled at the UK Rail Leasing depot and will remain there until ready for export. The conversion work will be carried out on the European mainland.

Experience the powerful ’91s’ in their new role within Train Simulator. Find them in the QuickDrive tab, or make your own freight consist hauled by the Europhoenix 91s. Scenarios for UK Routes will be coming soon.

You will require:
– Armstrong Powerhouse’s Class 91 Enhancement Pack. (

– DTG IC225 Class 91 Pack. (

– Fixed Dual Vent Reflection Problem
– Livery now extends fully up the side of the train
– Small Livery Fixes
– Shinier Buffers
– Rotation of Phoenix Eye on one side