EMR Interim 158s

EMR Interim 158s

8th August 2022 8 By Clowes

It’s 158773 and 774, in both EMR Interim (Plain), and new Pride variant!

What’s Included?
EMR Interim (Plain)
EMR Interim (Pride)
Many decals
2 PreLoads

Class 159
AP Class 158/159 (Cummins) EP

A four page manual is included with the instructions you need, please read it carefully!

BodgeItTMD – Child Objects & Manual Format
Josh Thorpe – Scenarios coming soon!

2022-08-08 2300 | Amended batch file (did it straight after upload but the website had archived the file).
2022-08-12 1600 | V1.1 Further amendments to batch file, patched logo for those who don’t have other EMR 158 skins.